Shaving Soap Cakes

Shaving Soap Cakes

These shaving soaps are for both ladies and gentlemen. Many customers ask if these soaps are intended for use on the face or legs exclusively; our response is that it can be used 'anywhere you shave' but we advise that the suds shouldn't be left on the 'bikini area' for more than a minute or two to avoid potential irritaion.The natural Bentonite Clay used in this soap reduces drag on the razor blade and helps make the slick, creamy lather ideal for a good close shave.Can be used as a replacement cake for our Shaving Kits using the cup and brush method or simply use the bar as-is, working up a good thick lather with your hands. -Calm Shaving Soap has a soft, soothing aroma from lavender & litsea cubeba (may chang) essential oils and a touch of natural vanilla. Unisex. -Clean Mint Shaving Soap has an invigorating blend of Tea Tree (Melaleuca) and Peppermint essential oils. Unisex. This soap is scented with pure essential oils, colored with natural clay, and is our exclusive 100% naturally derived Midnight Perfumery Shaving Soap formula. *List price is per piece; weights range from 3.5-5 ounces, exact coloring may vary, bars are randomly selected.

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