Sea Salt Polish

Sea Salt Polish

Our handmade Mediterranean Sea Polishes are the perfect way to smooth away dead skin while moisturizing. Our exclusive blend of smoothing Mediterranean Sea Salt & poppy seeds combined with moisturizing Sweet Almond and Organic Jojoba Oils infused with natural vitamin E, then perfectly scented to your specifications.

The Sea Salt Polish is more aggressive than our Sugar Polish, making it a little to intense for use on faces and tender skin. Our customers love to use our Polishes to smooth bumpy elbows & knees. However, an extra-clever use for MP's Salt Polish is to massage the polish onto your legs prior to shaving, rinse away the salt & seeds, leaving the nourishing oils on your legs, then shave without any extra soaps or foam. You will not need to moisturize your legs after shaving, and you will experience a smoothness like never before!

Always made to order, but without the wait!

Size: 8 fl. oz. in cobalt blue jar with black lid.

If you are looking for a more gentle polish, please be sure to check out our Sugar Polish version of this amazing product!
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    Contains: Mediterranean Sea salt, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil , simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, papaver orientale (poppy) seed, tocopherol (vitamin E),(and variations may include fragrance and/or essential oils).