Nature Foam REFILL Fluid

Looking for a more natural alternative to traditional liquid 'soaps'? You will find no parabens or detergents in our Nature Foam liquid hand soap (and none in our other products for that matter). 

The base of our Nature Foam is a natural soap made with olive & castor bean oils; scented with 100% pure essential oils blended in-house (other fragrances available by special order only). We do use a preservative in this product, but have carefully selected one which is paraben free.

Fluid is for use in FOAMING soap pumps, which are available here, or try this refill fluid with a pump you already have (most foaming pumps still work well with our fluid in our experience, though that's not to say EVERY other foaming pump will work).

16.5 oz by weight

ALMOND LAVENDER - the aroma of bitter almond can actually be overwhelmingly sweet (contrary to it's namesake), and lavender's floral aroma can have a medicinal edge. When combined, these essences balance beautifully, and create a soft sweet scent, perfect for any sink. (Our Almond Lavender is consistently our top-selling variety of Mega Moisture Cream)

CORIANDER BAY - a spicy essential blend of coriander, bay laurel & sweet orange; lovely in the kitchen.

LAVENDER - long known for it's relaxing effects, lavender essential oil stands alone for our classic lavender lovers.

PATCHOULI - only the true essential oil is used here at MP (no skunky-funky interpretations), so 'patchouli purists', rest assured, you will be pleased with your purchase.

SAVANNAH - a deep, sensual blend of woody cedar & cypress, bright tangerine & resinous vetiver essential oils.

SWEET ORANGE & TEA TREE - another lovely combination, both essential oils are said to have exceptional cleansing & disinfecting properties. Our concentrated orange essential oil has a natural orange hue, which gives this variety an orange cast. Another great kitchen scent.
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