Natural Cedar Soap Decks


Handmade by an endlessly talented man (husband to our soapmaker), this unfinished cedar soap deck will be a natural addition to your sink or tub*. Cedar has a natural rot-resistance, this quality allows the wood to remain unfinished and will have a long useful (and beautiful) lifespan.

*If soap deck is left stitting in water for long periods on a counter or bath surface, some leeching of the wood's natural color onto the surface is possible. To avoid this, use the soap deck on top of a non-porous soap dish or use a barrier to catch excess liquid draining from soap/deck. In one case where staining occured on a porcelain tub, the stain was removed with a popular brand of 'Magic Eraser' sponge available at most shopping centers.

Lifetime replacement guarantee against splitting from moisture..


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