Mega Moisture Cream Salve

Mega Moisture Cream Salve

Midnight Perfumery’s MEGA MOISTURE Cream Salve is an ultra-thick cream/ointment formulated with natural lanolin, emu oil, natural vitamin E & rosemary extract. All of which are said to help dry-skin sufferers. Mega Moisture Cream helps to keep cuticles smooth, supple and healthy-looking, chapped hands can be a thing of the past, and can even provide superior moisture & protection to rough, cracked heels. Our most popular scent is Almond Lavender in the Mega Moisture Cream Salve. 100-98% Naturally Derived (depending on scent selected)
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    Contains: Lanolin, emu oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), (Variations may contain essential oil(s) and or fragrance).

    Directions: Apply a thin layer to affected area up to 3 times daily or as needed. A popular application is to apply cream onto hands and/or feet at bedtime, cover with socks or cotton gloves, allowing the moisturizers to penetrate and protect the skin while you get some zzz’s (cream may stain your bedding - thus, use the socks/gloves; and may stain socks/gloves, so choose a pair accordingly.

    Extra tip: you can use a clean pair of socks on your hands too). Many users keep one jar at the kitchen sink to apply after washing dishes, and one jar at the bedside for night-time treatments.List price is for one (1) 2oz cobalt blue jar with black lid, which holds approximately 48 grams of Mega Moisture Cream.

    (Formerly named Cuticle Cream - renamed because it's good for so much more than nails!)