Golden Curls Soap

Golden Curls Soap

Wow, this is a truly amazing soap! I designed it to be the ultimate face soap, and it delivers! As a woman, I like to take a little extra care of my face and favorite face bars for such jobs are Golden Curls, any of the MP Goat's Milk bars and the Olive Oil (bastile) soap. But the Golden Curls topped my list as soon as I used it the first time.

  • Details

    The artisan soap is a bastile soap made of pure olive and coconut oils infused with calendula and chamomile buds. The light, very pleasing essential oil combination of lavender, rosemary and litsea were chosen for their skin-loving statuses. Additions of Vitamin E, silk, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, local raw honey and colloidal oatmeal give a boost to this soap's super-star ingredient list. The top of the soap is decorated with calendula petals to give a nod to the beautiful botanicals infused into this luxurious little bar.

    Perfect for adult facial soap, wonderful for a very gentle body soap for adults and children as well.


    Sue from IL: "Day 3. LOVE my Golden Curls!!!"

    "don't ever stop making this soap, it's all that I'll ever use for my face!"

    *List price is per bar; weights range from 3.0 - 4.2 ounces, exact coloring & patterns may vary, bars are randomly selected*.