Gardeners Favorite Soap

Gardeners Favorite Soap


Gardeners love it ~ Mechanics love it ~ and even kids call it 'Tickle Soap' and giggle while washing!

This bar is definitely a MUST HAVE for anyone who gets their hands really dirty. This bar will rub off dirt and help smooth out any rough spots you accumulate while working hard. Only recommended for hands and other tough-skinned body parts. The scent of the Gardeners Favorite is a blend of bright citrus and tea tree essential oils (some say it smells a bit like rhubarb), and has super scrubbing power from poppy seeds, clay and fine pumice.

Airy, citrus, clean, cool, earthy, essential oils, feminine, fresh, fruity, green, herbal, light, manly, minty, scrubby, sensitive, spa, unisex, zesty, 100% naturally derived.

  • Details

    This soap is scented with natural essential oils, and our exclusive naturally derived Midnight Perfumery handmade soap formula.

    *List price is per bar; min wt 4.25 ounces, exact coloring & patterns may vary, bars are randomly selected*.