Coffee Nut Soap

Coffee Nut Soap

The aroma of sweet, nutty, & creamy coffee are brought to you by this bubbly bar. Organic ground coffee is suspended throughout the darker portion of the bar making it super-scrubby.

Whole coffee beans are for decorative purposes only and should be removed before use. Nobody wants a clogged drain!

Deep, earthy, essential oils, feminine, fresh, manly, rich, scrubby, sharp, spicy, unisex, vanilla, warm, zesty, 99% naturally derived.
  • Details

    This soap is scented with phthalate free fragrance oils & natural essential oils, colored with natural pigments, and our exclusive naturally derived Midnight Perfumery handmade soap recipe.

    *List price is per bar; min wt 4.25 ounces, exact coloring & patterns may vary, bars are randomly selected*.