Body & Massage Oil, 4 Ounce

Body & Massage Oil, 4 Ounce

Midnight Perfumery's custom blend of Sweet Almond Oil, pure Organic Jojoba oil and natural vitamin E. 

This oil is both fast-absorbing & long-lasting. Only a small amount is needed for superb results (use literally 1-2 drops on the face - yes, it's even safe to use on your face!). Some brief oiliness will be present, but very brief, as the combination of these oils is specifically formulated to absorb fully into your skin. Infuse your oil with the fragrance of your choice to help hold on to your favorite scent all day.

And of course this is a perfect massage oil to break up those muscle knots and leave your skin with a beautiful healthy glow. Massage therapists love to use this oil in their practices because of the balance of grip and glide it provides.

Midnight Perfumery's favorite eye makeup remover trick:

Step 1: After washing your face, put a few drops of MP's Body / Massage Oil into the palm of your hand, add roughly a teaspoon of luke warm water to your palm.

Step 2: Dab both ends of 2 cotton swabs (I prefer the name-brand swabs because they tend to have more fluff) or cotton balls (one for each eye - no cross-contamination!). The cotton should not be sopping, just evenly moistened, so squish out any excess.

Step 3: Close your eye, and gently rub one end of the swab or ball over the upper lid, then open your eye and carefully rub the same end over the lower lid; flip the same swab over to the other clean end and repeat the process to clean up any bits of liner, shadow or mascara residue. Repeat step 3 with the other eye.

Step 4: Be amazed at the magical makeup erasing effects this simple routine produces!

BONUS: You just applied a perfect amount of extra moisturizer around the eye to help keep those crow's feet away ~ the oil is full of natural anti-oxidants. PLUS you don't look so tired with that smudgy, dark makeup-residue gone.
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    List price is for one (1) - 4 fluid ounce (125ml) cobalt blue plastic bullet-style bottle with disc-top for easy, clean dispensing.