100% Natural Deodorant

100% Natural Deodorant


OOH, LA, LA, CHECK OUT OUR SLEEK NEW SILVER PACKAGINGAre you tired of store-bought deodorants/antiperspirants not working effectively? Or perhaps you are concerned about the questionable ingredients used in commercially-produced deodorant/antiperspiant harming your body when used long term. Midnight Perfumery has been searching for years and has finally perfected a formula worthy of the MP 'seal of approval'. FREE OF PARABENS, FRAGRANCE, & ALUMINUM Made of natural, simple ingredients, it is very effective against potentially embarrassing body odor. Apply only a thin layer for amazing odor protection.**This is not an anti-perspirant, your body will sweat in the amounts it deems necessary in order to effectively cool it's self (you just won't get smelly!).**Due to the delicate melting point of virgin coconut oil, this product has two blends, Summer & Winter. The Summer blend is firmer, while the Winter blend is softer. •••We are currently selling WINTER BLEND••• Unisex. Subtle, organic coconut aroma. 100% Natural.

  • Details

    3.2 ounces of deodorant blend in a traditional dial-up style deodorant tube (white).

    Contains: Extra-virgin organic coconut oil, unbleached beeswax, arrowroot powder & sodium bicarbonate.

    There is no added fragrance, but has a sweet nutty aroma from the extra-virgin organic coconut oil and a barely-detectable scent from the beeswax.